Wednesday, June 1, 2011

fat cats and dogs

fat cats and dogs. It was raining cats and dogs
  • It was raining cats and dogs

  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 7, 09:57 AM
    Security issue=jailbreak patch.

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  • of obese dogs and fat cats

  • lmalave
    Sep 27, 11:02 AM
    Yeah, with this previewing four months ahead of Macworld, I'd say we're headed for a major upgrade of .Mac with even tighter integration to Mail, iCal and iLife.

    I still hope Mail and iCal will be collapsed into one app in Leopard.

    Heh, and don't foget the iPhone is slated to debut in early 2007. Though I don't expect it to be available in January, I'll bet they will at least preview it. So I think the iPhone and .Mac upgrade will go hand in hand. So besides the phone synching with the improved online Mail, Address Book, and iCal, expect these features:

    1) Ability to make blog postings from phone
    2) Ability to view online photo albums/slide shows from phone
    3) Ability to *post* online photo albums from phone

    Although these are available from other phones and websites, I think Apple's edge will be in marketing its ease-of-use to the consumer

    And hey, I just thought of something...
    What if Apple not only expands the storage space for mail and files, but *greatly* expands it (maybe for an additional fee) with the intent of having people host multimedia files (music, photos, even videos) on their .Mac account. So the idea is that the iPhone will be 4GB but maybe your music collection is 20 GB. Well, you can upload the files to .Mac, and .Mac will then have the ability to stream any song in your music collection to your phone (or to another computer). Sure, there are already web-based services out there that already allow you to view and stream content from your own computer, but:

    1) hosting content on your own machine may be in violation of your broadband provider's terms of service
    2) your machine would have to constantly be on
    3) your machine would not have as fat a pipe to the internet as if you hosted it on something like .Mac (or at least in theory it would be more constrained)

    So having .Mac host streaming multimedia would be so great! Not only would your precious music/multimedia files be automatically backed up, but they would be available to you from the iPhone or from any computer. If Apple doesn't do this, some 3rd party provider eventually will.

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  • Cats, dogs, squirrels and

  • ezekielrage_99
    Mar 22, 06:27 PM
    Unless and it pays money and you're green.

    fat cats and dogs. Why Are There So Many Fat Cats
  • Why Are There So Many Fat Cats

  • Lord Blackadder
    Sep 26, 11:54 AM
    What do people think the age of consent should be? I think that if we have to put an age to it it should be no more than 16 probably 12/14 but I think a change to the way the subject is dealt with in the education system would/should also be required.

    Wow, 12 seems a bit young. :confused:

    Kids should have a level of respect for their parents that keeps them from having sex if their parents feel they should not - if an 18-year old feels that he can't obey his parents wishes how can he ask them to support him by providing him with a house to live in etc. etc.

    I think that having sex against the wishes of a parent is disrespectful to a degree. If you are on your own and self-sufficient then by all means you should operate on your own discretion. But if you are a teenager living at home you have an obligation to accede to your parents wishes in matters (such as this) that can have far-reaching conequences. They invested a lot of time and made sacrifices to raise you; How much value to do place on a request of theirs?

    Personally I don't think most 18 year olds are emotionally mature enough to maintain a sexual relationship - they tend to be too self centered and shortsighted about what they are doing. I know several couples that got together at a very young age, some on purpose and others as the result of an "accident" child. None of them, I think, are very happy with the decision they made.


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  • Fat Cat

  • jbembe
    Jan 11, 12:19 AM
    I think it would be great to have another category besides "christmas" roadtrip, etc.

    Workout music would be nice...

    Also, how do we edit this feature?

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  • really fat cats and dogs. fat

  • mccldwll
    Apr 13, 07:33 PM
    Apple already released a new iPhone this year... remember? The one that works on a GSM network! You really think they would put all that work into rolling out the GSM iPhone 4 in February then turn around 4 months later and expect these people to buy an iPhone 5? You know how many pissed off Verizon people there would be? June 2012 at the earliest... ;)

    GSM in February??? Time for a new username.


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  • diotav
    Oct 11, 09:41 AM
    Here's mine
    Where can I find this wallpaper? :)

    fat cats and dogs. fat cats and dogs.
  • fat cats and dogs.

  • dark knight
    Apr 6, 01:35 PM
    as a home mac user, im just interested in how these hard-core internet serving hard drives difffer from consumer ones. can any one explain the technical side of it?


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  • ender land
    Apr 14, 10:42 AM
    You know, leekohler, I'd find this crusade you have to get respect for gay rights a lot more persuasive if you didn't make snide and deriding comments about republicans and Christians on a regular basis.

    Seeing someone so passionate about respect yet so blatantly not exhibiting it himself towards other groups undermines this position so badly I am actually going to ask you to stop one of the two. Please stop either

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  • jmcrutch
    Apr 25, 12:11 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    White iPhone ... The hot new accessory for females this summer.


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  • Filed under: lulu/dogs/cats

  • strabes
    Apr 20, 03:27 PM
    My family has three iPhones and an Apple TV, all on the same iTunes account. Do we count as one user? I'd like to see how these numbers are calculated.

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  • mpossoff
    Feb 10, 08:25 AM
    I'm assuming this also works with unlimited family plan messaging.

    I just got this feature today at the store. Qualifications for family plan is 700 min and unltd text.


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  • really fat cats and dogs.

  • Philalbe
    Mar 20, 08:55 AM
    Philalbe, based on what you've said, he sounds like someone you really don't want to be doing business with. In the end, the pay would have to be a lot better than that for it to be worth all the stress.

    If I can offer you just a little bit of advice, having run my own business for quite a number of years, it would be this� Firstly, you're charging WAY too little. I did too when I started out. That's why this guy back-pedalled IMO, not because he's a nice guy, but because he realises that no one else will do the quality of work you're doing at this price. I could be wrong, but he sounds like some people I've seen before. He knows you're a bit green in business, and he'll take advantage of it to save every penny he can, hence the line that 3 hours is all he can afford. You have to be confident in your service and your prices and set them accordingly. If he values the service you offer, he will pay the price. If not, he'll go in search of the next person gullible enough to pay what he's offering, and he will. This kind of person places no value in establishing long-term business relationships and he offers very little value to you and your business.

    I know you're only starting out and you're keen to get any work you can, but in the long term it's going to bite you because a lot of the customers you're establishing now at this price are going to start taking it for granted. I don't know what the going rates are in your area, but you need to find out. I'll bet you people are charging upwards of 4 or 5 times that amount.

    Good luck! :)

    fat cats and dogs. really fat cats and dogs.
  • really fat cats and dogs.

  • clientsiman
    Sep 2, 05:43 AM
    Here is mine: source (


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  • really fat cats and dogs.

  • Jimmieboy
    Dec 5, 06:29 PM
    Hey everyone. I was wondering if you could tell me how to pack my iMac G5 so I can take it to someone elses house. I still have the the box it came in. Will it be ok in that box if I cover it with material? Thanks for your replies in advance.

    fat cats and dogs. really fat cats and dogs.
  • really fat cats and dogs.

  • evildead
    Jul 22, 02:41 PM
    Linksys does not suport Macs at all

    you can use the standard routers and switches but anything that requries a driver... wont happen.

    there are some open souce drivers out there for wireless products.. but I dont know if they suport linksys yet or not


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  • fat cats and dogs. dogs or her

  • skellener
    Mar 31, 12:23 PM
    I'm guessing this is sarcasm.

    It is a toy. You can't seriously think that professionals are going to depend on Photoshop for iPad and throw away their computer can you? That's like throwing away your computer because GarageBand is also available on the iPad, and attempting to produce an album on an iPad. Impossible.

    No matter what Steve says, it is a toy! I think it is brilliant you can do these things on such a simple product for the average user, but they are nothing more than for... the average user.Exactly.

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  • Fat cats and big dogs,

  • wgschick
    Oct 5, 10:03 PM
    i agree 100%. "dynamically redraw the page"? based on WHAT?

    This is my first post. It takes a lot for me to stop being a lurker, but the idea that any user can resize a textarea on a site I design, dynamically redrawing the page, is among the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. This will break valid page layouts in new and unheard of ways. Designers make form elements a size and shape for a reason.

    I look forward to finding a way using JavaScript to disable that feature the day that browser is released.

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  • Really fat cats and really fat

  • user582
    Apr 14, 07:56 PM
    My application produces a timer value when I shake the iphone. I need to perform 8 shakes and after each shake, i need to save that particular result into a file and later retrieve these values from the file to convert them into binary format. Can someone tell me if this can be done? If so, how?


    Sep 12, 08:11 PM

    I guess that's the G-Rated version ;).

    Apr 5, 08:21 AM
    If I hold a business licence is it ok to offer repair services on craigslist? I am not certified by Apple to do so. Can I get in any legal trouble for this or is it simply that Apple will no longer warranty the product?

    Apr 13, 09:52 AM
    There honestly is no need to update the iPhone line EVERY year at this point. iPhone 4 was the biggest jump and I don't see a reason to jump again so soon, especially after Verizon customers JUST recived access to the phone. I can understand updating the models to include 4G, but at this point 4G IMHO is not needed. It's not a mature enough standard to expect iPhone owners to have smooth service with Verizon and AT&Ts 4G networks. I see them both being great next year, but it'd be a forced move on Apples part to update so soon.

    I disagree, whether you call it a refresh or all new phone, several things must be addressed by Apple in the current model:

    1. replace back glass with metal or carbon fiber enclosure;
    2. replace antenna design;
    3. use 4" screen, even at same resolution;
    4. offer 64gb model.

    One even more important change, which I KNOW they won't do, is use a universal radio chip that can support GOS and CDMA networks - no more having to buy a new phone every time you switch carriers - oops, that cuts agains Apple's AND the carriers interest - not much traction there.

    Apr 4, 09:55 AM
    Aaaaaah, money for that T-Mobile USA purchase... :eek:


    May 2, 10:37 PM
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