Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • vartanarsen
    Apr 7, 02:40 PM
    Now if we could only get Super Mario Bros, I would be in heaven.
    Remember that nostalgic mushrooms and fire flower? LOL, I would love to see the entire suite....Super Marior Bros. 1, 2, 3, and all of the subsequent ones on the subsequent Nintendo consoles.....

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  • Leeartlee
    Apr 25, 11:34 AM
    so its not looking good that we might get a 64GB version? everything i have seen is showing 16 & 32... :(

    That would appear to be the case, most unfortunately.

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  • CaoCao
    Mar 24, 12:34 AM
    Why is dressing provocatively stupid? That's one of the many freedoms women enjoy in the western world, and i enjoy looking at them dressed that way. But I'm not gonna go and rape them. What you're saying confirms Muslim countries justification for sharia law. And I also find it insulting to males, because it says that if a women dresses provocatively then we have no self control and will rape them.

    Yes, dressing like a slut is a freedom in the Western World. This however does not mean it is a good idea. A woman who dresses like a slut is advertising that the best thing about them is their body. I don't know about y'all, but I value more than looks so someone who dresses in such bad taste is clearly a thing to avoid.

    On the other hand I go out of my way to help women who act and dress well because it is more conductive to business. Ever tried to conduct a business meeting where a woman shows up dress very promiscuously? Seems I'm the only one who can concentrate in those kinds of settings.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 31, 01:03 PM
    but do the math... 240 songs... average time per song 3 minutes

    240 x 3 = 720 minutes / 60 = 12 hours current shuffle battery time

    Good point... I hadn't considered the battery time. By this time next year, the memory chips will definitely be a lot cheaper so 2G (or more) will be easily do-able in something as small as the Shuffle for a decent price. Hopefully the battery life can be improved as well. Not much use being able to store 36 hours of music and not being able to listen to it.


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  • vi2867
    Oct 31, 10:20 AM
    How can you pre-order if the 2GB shuffle is not even on Apple's website?

    Hey, the first time saw 5G iPod, I thought, why are they talking about a 5 gig iPods, when the current iPod is 30 and 60 gigs...

    We all make that mistake when we first see that terminology...

    Tell me you didn't...

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  • kenaustus
    May 2, 04:06 PM
    For those who cannot give blood, I understand that feeling as I'm in that group with 2 cases of cancer. Before I was diagnosed I did give a few (too few) times and wish I had given more.

    For those who can give blood, I've seen the huge need. My wife had acute leukemia (ALL) and over 18 months of chemo was in desperate need of blood 10 times. Fortunately the blood & platelets were available when needed.

    After that experience I felt I should have given more, but have no hesitation asking you to give a few units.


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  • Truffy
    Nov 11, 09:55 AM
    Given the length of the original message and the terseness of Jobs' reply, it suggests that either he doesn't give a crap, or the iPad's virtual keyboard is a bit pants to type on.

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Apr 7, 01:37 PM
    Dang! I can't tell you how many billions of dollars I spent on these games as a yout. Ha. Now I could have them all for $15. But too late I guess. I downloaded Tempest for old times sake. It was my fav in the arcade. I don't know if its my age or the iPhone but just not that fun.


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  • richimages
    Apr 20, 03:38 PM
    I had the original iPad on unlimited plan. Bought iPad 2, and followed the instructions from ATT rep ... just switch the sim cards.

    I switched the sim cards first thing ... there was no plan associated with the new sim card before I switched it.

    So all went well. My iPad 2 picked right up with my original unlimited plan.

    But, my original iPad ... after the new sim card was inserted in it ... showed 3G service, with antenna strength reading. What was going on? I turned off both devices, did the switch, and turned them on ... I would have assumed booting up the original iPad would have recognized the new sim card, in fact, Settings -> General -> About -> Cellular Data Number was listed as "unknown", so it definitely should have been using the settings from the new sim card ... yet I had 3G access!

    Did I only have the remainder of the current cycle's plan on the device? Could I have had unlimited data on both iPads?

    Since I was selling my original iPad .... I did a reset to return it to factory settings .... however, when helping the buyers set up a 3G plan on the device, I saw that it really did not clear EVERYTHING out associated with my original plan .... as I had the two options: USE EXISTING PLAN or START A NEW PLAN.

    That made me nervous ... they started a new plan of their own on their credit card, and, after that, the option to use the original plan seems to have went away.

    All seems well ... and I was selling to relatives ... BUT, I'd like to know more details about all of this .... have others have similar experiences? Thanks for sharing.

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  • ccamelot
    Apr 9, 10:39 PM
    Try this one:

    tell application "Mail"
    set latestMessage to content of first message of inbox
    end tell



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  • JoePro
    Mar 24, 06:05 PM
    I was thinking of nipping down the Leicester Apple store. You could go there as an alternative.

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  • antster94
    Apr 27, 11:42 AM

    Saw one of these parked up down my road earlier, in my opinion it's the best car on the market today. Amazing looking, so comfortable, and very very fast when they need to be.


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  • al3ph
    Apr 6, 01:45 PM
    Yeah Isilon stank, had to deal with them at two facilities, they have now both moved on (BlueArc/GPFS) and won`t be going back, support was atrocious, and their updates had a nasty habit of changing base functionality.

    They weren`t even that competitive. EMC must have sweetened that deal.

    Ask them about the complete re-write of their meta-data server.

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  • alphaone
    Mar 10, 04:07 AM
    nice! what speed are you running at now? still 4.4 ghz?

    4.5 now. Higher than that it starts to become less and less efficient. I can run at full load at minimal increased heat and power consumption over the stock 3.8 turbo. 4.6 and up on this chip starts to require more juice.


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    Apr 6, 03:12 PM
    I am thinking of buying an iPad2. I have been wanting one for a while but recently one of my children's teachers says that the iPad has a few apps that will help my 5 year old learn a few things better. So I am starting the search. Then today I spoke with my car audio guy and will be adding a processor to the system but the processor needs a windows laptop. He also said that a hack will enable to use the iPad to control the EQ and processor when I need to do adjustments.
    So, what are the pro's and con's of jail breaking and how is it done?


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  • iqwertyi
    Dec 28, 10:13 AM
    Did you get the lights at IKEA too? Looks good!

    Yes, the lights were Ikea as well. They come in sets of four. So one package will light up four cubes. Had to purchase 4 sets for this shelf.
    Also, the lights can be one of about seven colors. Or you cam make it transition. :)


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  • AndrewR23
    Mar 27, 02:37 PM
    Anyone think he will win the case? (even if the buyer makes one)

    the buyer has 0 feedback.

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  • iJonWitham
    Jun 19, 01:56 AM
    have a personal shop booked for 10am, so will be gone by 11, I hope.

    Good good !! See you there !

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 14, 06:48 PM
    Well im at school so it would be using there power :) Do these tasks kinda lock the PS3 down for a specific amount of time or what?

    Got PS3 and my MBP running them.

    well i'm not sure, but i don't do anything else on my PS3 when it's folding. I stop the folding when i'm using it.

    glad you got them both folding! ;)

    Apple Corps
    Mar 24, 10:55 AM
    Where do people get this stuff?

    rdowns - let me give a +1 on your comment. Our MR forums community is getting more and more clogged up with this mindless babble / garbage. It really detracts from the value of the forums.

    Mar 31, 09:17 AM
    just opened 2 films on iplayer, itunes movie, and all the other applications i can find and its sitting about 48 deg C.

    Main fan is wired into 12v so at max flow all the time but still not to bad at all

    May 5, 04:13 PM
    Look up DFU mode on youtube, do that and then restore it.

    Or you can give it to me. I like toys.

    Jan 14, 07:08 AM
    I believe last year it showed up around 8:45pm eastern time. So basicly 5 hours after the keynote ends. Maybe we can hope it'll be up a little sooner this time?

    Nov 3, 08:10 PM
    Ok i thought i would start this thread just so we can have a list of must have free apps, mainly for the newbies, but also for the oldbies to share the ones they already have...

    my must haves are

    MacStumbler (
    (finds Wireless Networks)

    I have found Kismac superior.

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