Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • fivepoint
    Mar 2, 01:48 PM
    Sorry, you're just compounding fallacy upon fallacy. This is plainly incorrect. Your first post has a graph showing Social Security is unfunded, this is clearly not true as I have already provided evidence for. Your attempt to

    ...means little when you're posting misleading information in the first place in order to make a scare-mongering argument about deficit reduction.

    Is the US screwed? No. I've already told you why.

    As for your misleading graph about taxes and revenue, note that they dropped from 9.4% to 6.7% over a 30 year period, a decline of almost one third.

    Which of my 'fallacies' about SS do you specifically deny? None I'm guessing.

    Also, it's not my fault that you don't understand what 'unfunded liabilities' are. It doesn't even compete with your point about SS being 'ok' for another 15 years. Unfunded liablities are calculated traditionally on a 75 year basis... to determine the long-term viability of various government programs. So, as the chart clearly states that in the next 75 years (~ the life of your children) the system will be short 7.9 Trillion dollars. Meaning, for the same payouts to continue, we'll have to come up with that amount of money to cover the difference. This difference is caused by a lessening number of payers and an increasing number of receivers... as I mentioned earlier when pointing out accurately how SS is a ponzi scheme.

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  • eva01
    Sep 24, 04:23 PM
    Er, not necessarily. Age of consent laws vary widely... in most jurisdictions, an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old can pretty much do whatever they want.

    really, well i did not know that, go figure.

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  • zen.state
    Mar 27, 01:36 PM
    Would you recommend any of the cleaning compounds to remove the old thermal paste or can I just give it a scrub?

    Several suppliers sell a kit of arctic silver 5 & cleaner like this one


    In my experience paste can easily be whipped off without cleaner. On the CPU itself I use my finger after touching metal to ground myself. I don't trust chemical cleaners on my computer components no matter how good they claim to be. One wipe with each of about 3 fingers gets it all off. Make sure you wash your hands before and after doing that.

    For the heatsink I would use a kleenex made just slightly damp with warm water. The dampness should be so minimal that you can't even squeeze one drop out of it. If any faint bits are left on the chip itself you can use the same barley damp kleenex technique. Do both with the kleenex folded into a small square and be sure to use very little force on the CPU. I have been doing exactly this for years.

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  • rnizlek
    Feb 10, 12:04 PM
    UGH. Been getting this damn error for the past couple of hours:

    F932: We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are conducting maintenance which prevents us from updating your account information. Please retry your transaction again in one hour.

    I was having the same issue. I finally called AT&T, after 20 minutes of trying to add the feature to my account the rep told me he'd call me back after looking into it some more. About 15 minutes later he called back and said it still wasn't working and that he and others would need to do some extended research into the matter and that he would call me back when they were done. That was several hours ago.

    I have the 450 minute plan for $39.99 and the 2 GB Data Pro with 1000 messages at the moment. I also get a FAN discount, but I doubt that would be screwing things up.


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  • djepsilon
    Apr 27, 01:16 PM
    How about keeping on topic. This thread isn't about Sony. Start a thread elsewhere if you want to discuss it.


    I'm simply stating the point that I don't understand how people can keep debating this "issue" when there are CLEARLY more important things to talk about. I think because Apple is so successful they get picked on by the media and other Company's seem to get a free pass.

    ...And just because I have "newbie" next to my name doesn't mean I don't know how forums work buddy.

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  • iApache
    Aug 8, 01:35 PM
    If you like stuff like that, take a look at Simple ( Nice.

    AWESOME!! Great site, thank you.


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  • Jolly Jimmy
    Aug 12, 10:56 AM
    This one has a few.

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  • saving107
    Apr 6, 11:51 AM
    12 Petabytes, is that all (Lame).

    *Sarcastic Post


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  • cwelsh
    Apr 21, 03:25 PM
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method MacRumorsForumPostRateDB::GetPostRate() in /home/mrforums/public_html_forums/includes/class_postbit.php(265) : eval()'d code on line 24

    just thought i'd let you guys know.

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  • 2Sticky
    Mar 8, 08:45 AM
    Looks nice, though the forum is very slow to load...


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  • spicyapple
    Nov 29, 11:55 AM
    I don't like the idea. The moment they start chipping away at devices, it'll set a bad precedent for future negotiations. It'll be hard to get back those rights. Apple, hold strong!! :)

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  • Chase R
    Dec 4, 02:19 AM

    I just changed mine. Source:

    Best wallpaper I've seen yet.

    I sure hope Julian keeps up his extraordinary work.


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  • maxterpiece
    Nov 29, 12:13 PM
    see what i don't get is this:
    Apple and the movie studios both lose from pirating. The more people who pirate, the fewer movies sell, the less $ everyone makes. There is no reason for movie studios to be so paranoid about apple's agenda.

    There is no connection between the music industry's alleged loss of business bc of pirating, and apple's music store.

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  • AP_piano295
    May 4, 03:11 PM
    But what if torturing a person who is involved in the plans of a terrorist attack could prevent thousands of deaths?

    Torturing would never be a good action, but it is like killing someone to defend yourself, killing is bad, but the result of killing saved your life.

    In the case of torture, it is the government defending its people (country). If it can be avoided better, but I would rather authorize torture instead of letting attacks happen.

    EDIT: As with everything, every single case needs to be analyzed separately.

    The type of country which is willing to torture people will always inspire more violence against them. You might save 100 lives today and lose 10,000 lives the next year because of that behavior.

    The ends don't justify the means torture is wrong period.

    Would you support forcible medical testing on people if that forcible testing might save hundreds of thousands of lives in the future?


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  • eric_n_dfw
    Apr 7, 05:07 PM
    How on earth would you play Defender on an iPad? Even with the iCade, it doesn't have enough buttons, does it?


    The 2600 version of it was a poor excuse for a port, mostly because all you had was the joystick and single button.

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  • 666sheep
    Apr 9, 12:01 PM
    I've been looking at ATI 9800 with 128mb ram and they are pretty cheap from a pc.

    how do you go about flashing one?

    Look for this one (Hercules 9800 Pro 128 MB):

    IMO the best of 9800 128MBs to flash. It has 128k EEPROM, so it takes full 128k ROM and fits MDD.

    See for further details (you'll find everything there).

    As second one I could recommend 9700 (pro or non-pro) 128 MB, also from Hercules:

    It has 128k EEPROM too, it runs cooler than 9800 and it's almost on par with 9800 performance wise.


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  • mcrain
    Mar 3, 10:47 AM
    I tend to agree. Cut programs until our expenses match our current 'revenues.' When the two are equal or are in the black, let's immediately pass an balanged-budget amendment so this problem never happens again. And, raise taxes so our spending is less than our revenues and we can start paying off the debts Reagan, Bush and Bush left our grandchildren. It's time to start acting like grown-ups.

    For the record, they are paying their fair share. The top 50% of wage earners pay over 95% of the income tax. Your disgusting attack on all conservatives wanting to '****' over all citizens is just that... disgusting. They don't pay 95% of all taxes. In addition, if you look at their income, they have tons of it that is not taxed (So, shouldn't they be paying even more? I don't have much income that isn't taxed, why should they?) They also have and control the vast, vast majority of the wealth in this country that is not taxed until sold for a gain (whether you realize it or not, there's some big concepts in that one sentence). Finally, all the other taxes are regressive or at best flat, which means the poor and middle classes are paying more than their fair share of those taxes. You don't seem to care about that, you're more interested in protecting 100-200 of the wealthiest of the wealthy.

    Certainly you understand that increasing taxation on the wealthy and corporations certainly won't help. Certainly you understand that decreased taxation on the wealthy and corporations certainly hasn't helped, and in fact hurt. You see that, right? If not, here's a mirror, look over your shoulder at the Bush administration. It wasn't that long ago.

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  • Macaroony
    Apr 28, 06:18 AM
    Now the plumber's mate OTOH.
    I should be so lucky. :(

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  • Warbrain
    Jan 16, 09:23 AM

    Interesting read about how Macworld really stole the show from CES - no surprise to us. It even mentions that some people in meetings at CES got e-mails about the iPhone and spread it around the meetings.

    Sep 24, 08:56 PM
    Scared, and scarred for life.

    Damn them.....

    oops... I meant scarred. Typo! :D

    Apr 20, 05:04 PM
    "You guys are hysterical..."

    our guess, guys (and a very smart sexy lady) who have a weekly "read the post and guess the poster's bent" voted unanimously that some people really have little or nothing to do in their lives, way too much time on their hands, and possible use posts as their only way to interact with other beings, even if it's online.
    not so far off if you read past posts, and try to figure out why somebody takes time, daily, to go to a site that has nothing to do with their personal interests but just to try to throw a stink bomb in somebody else's chats. how much of a life can that person really have?
    our female voter said that's not a kind thing to say, as this MAY be their only way to be recognized in life....................:(

    Jan 26, 01:44 PM
    I know how to edit pitch on the whole track. How can I isolate one note of a vocal track and edit it without doing the whole track. Its just one little error.

    Feb 14, 01:25 PM
    Got PS3 and my MBP running them.

    Jan 18, 04:54 AM
    The back of that car looks like a BMW. I quite like it, still not a fan of the new VW front grills though unfortunately.

    One car I'd love to see in the US (as I may well end up living there one day) is the Ford Mondeo sold in the European market. Absolutely love the design of that car for a saloon/sedan.

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