Saturday, June 4, 2011

hd kim kardashian wallpapers

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  • old-wiz
    Feb 15, 03:31 PM
    You can buy them from Apple support for a small fee.

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  • Kim Kardashian nice smile

  • eawmp1
    Mar 16, 06:13 PM
    11...21...31...whatever the age ones mode of attire is not an invitation or deterrent to rape. I swear some of the characters are straight out of "The Handmaid's Tale".

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  • toolbox
    Mar 26, 08:51 PM
    *Calls Judge Judy *

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  • Funkatronic
    Dec 14, 10:53 AM
    Finally got my MBP set up the way I wanted to, quite similar to this. ( All credit to OP. (
    Click to view.


    hd kim kardashian wallpapers. kim kardashian wallpaper
  • kim kardashian wallpaper

  • ClimbingTheLog
    Nov 20, 04:22 PM
    Sweet. But, there's more to just piggybacking on your mac's airport connection to make calls. I think more has to be done to make this networking possible.

    Yes, I wasn't clear on that. I was envisioning a software stack on the Mac that would help the iPhone make a call, do the NAT-busting, browse the local iTunes store, etc. 802.11n is going to be necessary to reach the far ends of most homes.

    I don't know that 802.11n low-power silicon exists yet. There are a couple folks here would would though.

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  • kuryack
    Oct 10, 04:50 PM
    new wall :)

    got it from


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  • hd kim kardashian wallpapers.

  • MikeT
    Jul 26, 07:49 PM
    At this point, I couldn't really care less about Blu Ray or HD-DVD. I'd be more excited if Apple included Lightscribe or equivalent capability in their drives. Unlabeled discs are piled high on my desk.

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  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 19, 05:57 PM
    No way to embed a youtube video on this forum which is kind of lame in my opinion but no worries. here is the link for those who are interested.

    More photos: ( ( ( (

    Hisdem, is that a Factory Five Racing car?


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  • craigd
    Aug 4, 07:40 AM
    Ok here's my MBP running on a external monitor at 1080p

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  • Praetorian�
    Dec 11, 06:44 AM
    classic :cool:

    I just realized how much I love the Montreal Canadiens. :D Thanks for sharing.


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  • kim kardashian Wallpapers

  • mBurns
    Apr 17, 09:59 AM
    Hi guys. I have a Snow Leopard disk that I'm trying to use to install Snow Leopard on my aluminum MacBook. I "zero'd out" the drive from the disk and now when I try to install Snow Leopard using the very same disk I continually get a failed to download Snow Leopard after a period of time. I've tried installing S.L. twice now. Any ideas? Should I try zeroing out my disk again incase it's corrupted? Under the "failed to download" it says that necessary support files could not be installed.

    Any ideas? I really want OS X on this machine again... :/

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Nov 29, 08:29 PM
    Hand barake is a great ripping tool but does anyone know of a free app to condense a dvd so that it can fit on a single 4.7 gb dvd?
    Handbrake can do that too, in case you didn't know.


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  • PsstGreek
    May 1, 10:18 PM
    The latest iOS for the 2G is 3.1.3

    Just hook it up to iTunes and hit update.

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  • Kim Kardashian Smile HD

  • LethalWolfe
    Nov 14, 12:29 AM
    The first Avid came out in 1989 on a Mac IIx. Most people up until a couple of years ago where still editing with Avid Xpress/Film Composer on Power Macintosh 9600's and G3/G4 machines because they cut and cut really well. You used to not be able to separate the word Apple from Avid until they started being bad about working with other developers over the span of OS X. I.E. Avid, Adobe & Macromedia. And developing competing products. You've seen what Steve can do with a product like flash and ban it from an OS. So Adobe and Avid started not putting all their eggs in one basket and that's why you started seeing alot of software on apple's migrate to PC's because of Apple's behavior for better or worse.
    IMO the story goes slightly different. Apple was circling the drain, Mac-centric developers went "Oh, *****!" and developed Windows versions of their Apps. Steve went "Oh, *****" and started developing first party apps as a matter of necessity. It's not a coincidence that a rash of first party apps started appearing around the same time (99/00). iMovie, iTunes, iDVD and iPhoto all hit the streets around the same time and they were all free. FCP landed during the same time and while it was not free it was ridiculously cheaper than Avid's offerings.

    Avid also flirted w/the idea of dropping the Mac entirely when the G4 started to stagnate (thanks Motorola), but Mac faithful editors dang near busted out the torches and pitch forks so Avid quickly backed peddled. The PC version of Avid did start to take priority though and it was only a couple of years ago that platform parity returned to Avid's products.



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  • slackpacker
    Apr 27, 12:48 PM
    Its not Apple that we are worried about here....Steve. Its how others will use this info.

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  • mpw
    Sep 26, 12:09 PM
    �Kids should have a level of respect for their parents that keeps them from having sex if their parents feel they should not� �I think that having sex against the wishes of a parent is disrespectful to a degree�.

    I agree. I�d make it legal for people to consent to sex at a younger age but I also feel that parents need to retain the authority to withhold their consent for a 16year old to go out if they can�t trust their child to behave responsibly. It takes trust, respect and responsibility on the part of both parent and child. I think the subject needs to be more openly discussed, say my 14year old son wants to consent to sex with his 14year old girlfriend, there shouldn�t be any reason that I can�t call up the girl�s parents to talk it through before I let him out to a party etc.

    �Personally I don't think most 18 year olds are emotionally mature enough to maintain a sexual relationship - they tend to be too self centered and shortsighted about what they are doing. I know several couples that got together at a very young age, some on purpose and others as the result of an "accident" child. None of them, I think, are very happy with the decision they made�

    I too know couples who�ve been together since a young age having been �caught out� and who aren�t happy with their situation. However I know some that are very happy and some that are unhappy having waited until they were older and planned a family but have grown apart for other reasons etc. etc.


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  • TheMacFeed
    Feb 18, 10:45 PM
    Here ( ya go

    Thank you. I was having trouble finding that for dev. :D

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  • kim kardashian wallpapers 2011

  • rwh202
    Jan 26, 11:24 AM
    Hi all,

    Just added a 4.8 GHz i7-2600k folding -bigadv (~ 49000 ppd) to my MacRumors contribution.

    This is being helped by:

    3.8 GHz i7-860 folding -smp 7 -bigadv ~ 22000 ppd
    2.8 GHz i7-860 folding -smp 6 ~ 8000 ppd
    3* GTX 460 ~ 32000 ppd combined
    1* GTX 430 ~ 4000 ppd

    All running in wine under Ubuntu 10.04

    Hopefully I can maintain a reasonably stable 100k ppd, at least until the weather gets warmer when the graphics cards will have to stop.


    hd kim kardashian wallpapers. hd kim kardashian wallpapers.
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  • techfreak85
    Mar 14, 07:19 PM
    Hey we finally passed someone! Keep up the good work guys! Only 3.2 weeks till we pass another team! We should really start kicking butt again when a new OS X client comes out so us Mac/Hackintosh folders can run Bigadvs again!

    May 5, 03:43 AM
    You've copied some apps of her itunes account onto your ipad, either buy them again on your own account, delete them, or live with it.

    Apr 4, 02:34 AM
    THanks man for the quick responds

    Mar 28, 01:05 AM
    Actually yes... If you cross the road without looking.. You deserve to get hit by a car. What the hell kind of example is that? If you're going to spend $450 on something, you should AT LEAST be smart enough to read the description of the product. I never once said the seller was right in doing so, so don't you dare call me a scum... Maybe you should re-read my post before you try and act like a smart guy. We don't need anymore trolls around here. I clearly stated the buyer deserves to lose his money for complete stupidity.

    And don't even get me started with your crossing the road without looking comparison. You should think about what you say before you type it out. You're comparing a person losing $450 and potentially someone being killed.

    Lol you're asking me to re-read what you wrote when you can't even see who I was calling scum in my post? Hint: it wasn't you. Another tip. Not every single person who writes something you disagree with is a troll. Check your web slang dictionary. Troll is becoming more misused than "fail".

    Funny how people who say the buyer gets what he deserves get all macho and hot headed about it, just like the seller.

    Apr 30, 10:32 PM
    Thank you for signing up but Steve is in another castle!!!

    Apr 21, 01:01 PM
    Do they have any affect on the user when someone upvotes/downvotes ( a post such as reputation points?

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