Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amanda Bynes Film

I'm a sucker for made for TV family movies. When I saw the ads for Lovewrecked, I knew I just had to watch it. Amanda Bynes was enough to sell me on the movie, as she was hilarious in She's The Man. She's a pretty good comedic actress who isn't afraid to use her whole body; screwball comedy is her thing. Chris Carmack was the second selling point. He was Luke in The OC, you know the kid whose dad was gay. I knew the combination had to be a treasure of an ABC Family movie.

Jenny (Amanda Bynes) and her best friend Ryan take a summer job working at a Caribbean resort. Jason Masters (Chris Carmack) is the hot pop star who happens to vacation at the same resort. All high school girls have a nemesis and Jenny's is Alexis. Unfortunately for Jenny, Alexis is working at the resort on the same summer program. All is going well until a storm finds Jenny and Jason Masters marooned on a deserted island, or so they think. Love blossoms, reality hits, and love blooms again. It's your typical ABC Family movie sort of plot.

Amanda Bynes FilmAmanda Bynes Film

Amanda Bynes FilmReally the worst things about the movie are the effects and transitions. The things they had to fake for the movie are obvious, but they aren't plentiful nor the point of the movie. The transitions are overly cheesy and apparent, but again not the point of the movie. However, the scene when Ryan is massaging a woman from the Midwest is quite gross.

Still from LovewreckedThe movie is a cute although predictable film. Without Amanda Bynes it probably wouldn't have been worth watching. Plus, there's a girl fight for all the men out there. The plot seems to drag on for a bit in the middle. As Amanda Bynes seems to be running out of steam the movie comes to a quick conclusion. It almost seemed forced. Some of it comes out of nowhere and makes little sense. Perhaps some elements were cut for timing purposes.

Lovewrecked is a step down from She's The Man, but still a nice little romantic comedy. It is obviously still targeting the tween demographic and would be perfect to watch during a slumber party. Perhaps director Randal Kleiser (Grease, The Blue Lagoon) has lost a bit of his touch and instead set up sketches for Bynes instead of a more coherent film. However, Bynes is able to chalk up some chuckles.
Amanda Bynes Film
Amanda Bynes Film
Amanda Bynes FilmThe DVD includes three deleted scenes. None of them are that compelling and easy to see why they were cut from the film. However, I'm unsure of why they were included in the Special Features, as they don't hold much on their own either. The other Special Feature is the trailer. The trailer is a pretty good one, but again you can tell it is an ABC Family type of movie.

The audio is in English 5.1 with subtitles available in English for the hearing impaired or in Spanish. The sound has a rear channel noise in the opening concert scene that is a little off putting, but it isn't a problem through the whole movie.

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