Friday, November 5, 2010

A-Mei chinese singer

A-Mei (Chinese: 阿妹; pinyin: Ā Mèi), also known by her birth name Chang Hui-mei (traditional Chinese: 張惠妹; simplified Chinese: 张惠妹; pinyin: Zhāng Huìmèi), is an aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer and occasional songwriter. She is also known by her aboriginal name Gulilai Amit (traditional Chinese: 古歷來·阿蜜特; simplified Chinese: 古历来·阿蜜特). She was born in the rugged mountains of eastern Taiwan and is the third youngest of nine siblings. A-mei made her debut in the world of music in 1996, achieving rapid commercial success. She has been called a diva of the Mandarin pop music scene and the "Pride of Taiwan".[citation needed] She has won numerous music awards and is extremely popular within Mandarin-speaking world.

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A-Mei is an ethnic Puyuma. Like most Taiwanese aborigines, she was exposed to tribal music during her childhood. A-mei's mother used to record herself singing, then play back the tape for her daughters to hear. A-mei had always been fascinated by music; she once said that she stuck to the radio and would rush to watch the late night music program introducing English songs when she was a little girl. She also showed great eagerness to perform in public, even forcing her friends to listen to her sing.

A-Mei first connected to the entertainment business by joining the televised "Five Lights Singing Contest" on TTV in 1994 after encouragement by her father, who was ill at that time. A-Mei made it all the way through to the finals but eventually lost in the final round She felt very disappointed and was almost ready to give up interest in music competitions. A-Mei's father then told her, "You definitely can sing, and you perform songs beautifully. Why don't you enter the competition again to show that you have a talent for music?" So encouraged, A-mei then decided to make a second attempt the following year. Her stable and superb performances were much appreciated by the judges, and this time A-Mei was awarded the championship. Unfortunately, A-Mei's father died before her victory, leaving her sad and aimless until she began to sing in pubs with a rock band formed by her musician cousin.[1] She was later discovered by the popular singer/producer Chang Yu-Sheng (張雨生) and started her career.


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