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Cecile de France h.w.s.

Cécile de France (French pronunciation: [sesil də fʁɑ̃s]; born 17 July 1975) is a Belgian actress. After achieving success in French cinema hits such as L'Art (délicat) de la séduction (2001) and Irène (2002), she gained international attention for her lead role in Haute Tension (2003) and Hereafter (2010).

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[edit] Career

Born in Namur, she left Belgium at the age of 17 to go to Paris where she studied art dramatique for two years at Jean Paul Denizon. She then spent three years (1995–98) at the acting academy ENSATT (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre) in the Département Comédie first at the Rue Blanche in Paris, then in Lyon. She was discovered by the agent Dominique Besnehard and appeared in French hit films such as L'Art (délicat) de la séduction (2001) and Irène (2002).

Her international breakthrough came with the horror thriller Haute Tension (2003, UK title: Switchblade Romance, US title: High Tension), which was a worldwide success. She caught the eye of Hollywood producers and soon landed her first major role in a US feature, Around the World in 80 Days (2004), in which she starred alongside Jackie Chan.

She won two César Awards for Most Promising Actress in L'Auberge espagnole (2002), and Best Supporting Actress in Les Poupées russes (2005).
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Cecile de France
Cecile de France

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